Magic in Avarion

In Avarion, magic plays a very special part. The spirit of the arcane is all over, however only few people have learned to harness it correctly.

Guilds of skillful mages and other arcane wielders have gathered around Avarion. Their goal, to become the ultimate power, totally ruling every faction. This could bring life back to the way it was in the Days of Ginto, but is it worth the amount of death it will bring in the first place?

There are five known guilds, but only two guild headquarters have been located. They tend to keep to themselves, and work in a peaceful manner, but if someone harms their abilities or privacy in planning, they are usually never seen again.

The arcanists in these guilds only welcome fellow arcanists, for if anyone else were to hear of their plans, or somehow unnaturally learn the ways of the arcane, it could ruin Avarion for good.

The known guilds are the:

  • Aveno Guild – Located in the western mountain ranges of Windvale
  • Netan Guild – Located on the southern tip of Tehla Jelen

Magic in Avarion

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